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Hipload - Free Files Hosting

Free Files Hosting - start your own business with this script, offer free hosting to your visitors and repeat success of RapidShare or MegaUpload!

Hipload is quick & easy, free file hosting. Easy to install and easy to use, allow your visitors to upload any files and share them with their friends.

1-click to upload a file, makes it very friendly for your visitors, so you can start great online service in few minutes.

Very easy to customize with your own contents, images or styles, with sample terms page and contact form.


Key Features:

  • Visual upload progress bar
  • Unlimited files, unlimited filesize (depend on your server configuration)
  • One-click to upload
  • Web 2.0 design, easy to customize
  • Easy to connect with Google Analytics, Google AdSense and other ad systems
  • Contact form
  • Illegal files report
    • An email is sent to admin with detailed link, admin can download reported file and if it's illegal, remove it with 1 click.
  • Configurable download process - with waiting time
  • 4 links are created after upload:
    • Download link
    • HTML download link
    • Forums download link
    • Remove link, so user can delete his file at anytime.
  • SQLite based (reuire PHP5), auto configurable (database is created automatically
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